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Grief on Grief or NAH

My Journey SQUAAAAAD. It is going DOWN around these PARTS! Life is happening super big and I'm HERE for it.

Like to hear it, Here it GO.

Yesterday was a milestone DAY. If you follow my IG you know why. If not here you go ……. @kenitramozelle.

May 23, 2022 I gave my FINAL presentation at my JOB!!! Yep that good VA job.VA jobs that people absolutely SWEAR by. DEUCES to that. ✌🏾

Grief or NAH?

We talk about transitions and the ripples and waves that we experience as a result of transitions. Returning to work after J(hubby) passed was a big push. I was honestly proud of myself once I started to normalize. However, my normal no longer fit me the same.

I found that my passion was bigger. My advocacy for veterans was more ferocious. My capacity to serve in my bubble(my job) was stifling my capacity for greater(my work).

It became crystal clear, very quickly, that me staying on the job was not the move.

This ferocious passion and advocacy was not only coming across in my position at work, but in my desire to serve and impact the community. The communities that raised me and the communities that raised Jerold.

So watch me PIVOT!!

One thing that I found AMAZING was how quickly my heart changed and how quickly I followed. My favorite scripture and prayer is from a Bible Verse Prov 16:3.

Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him;

He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and]

so shall your plans be established and succeed.

Prov 16: 3

For this very reason, I was able to trust my heart tugging on me saying, “It's time to go. You have bigger work to do”. I say that to caution anyone who thinks this is a call to action for YOU to walk off your JOB. NOPE. You won’t blame that on me!! :-P Dare I say it was that still small voice saying, “ Come on Daughter, you’re going to work for me now.”

TRUTH - It took a second and some prompting to make it official. I push myself a bit harder when things affect others.

So I’m starting my #KingdomClocking officially!! I have the official badge to prove it. I’m SO EXCITED!! Still nervous, but I'm ready to get to WEEEEERK!

First order of business is to take care of our LEGACY. Yes, Legacy, as in our children, offspring, youth! We make our greatest Impact Through our Legacy. What we impart into our children will outlast us, just as Legacy is what we leave behind when we are gone.

Next month we’re launching Bona’Fide Impact Academy, a youth-serving, community-based organization that provides training and instruction on essential life skills & professional skills to prepare participants to responsibly contribute to their local and global society.

Of course we need volunteers for days! And I love the fact that you had that as a next thought. Click here and sign up for updates on volunteering.

My celebration of my final presentation yesterday was a hello to many MANY presentations I will make as an advocate for our community and our Legacy!

As I often say, Let’s GET THIS WERK!!.

I Love you BIG 🧡🌺🧡

Don’t forget to follow Bona’Fide Impact Academy - BIA.

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