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I’m having a BABY!

Hey SoJourners. Are y'all making progress out there. Im in a BIG PUSH. No with contractions though!! Or I am?!?

Of course I’m not pregnant with a physical baby but my baby BIA is a very real thing.

Like to hear it, here it go!

You ever have something thats dear to your heart? Something that you are very VERY passionate about. Something you KNOW was given to you for a reason and you can’t just walk away from it.

That thing is bigger than a bright idea or a witty moment in a conversation.

Write the vision and make it plain.

That is exactly where I am. I remember talking with Hubby "J" mid 2021 about building a program for youth that my business could pour back into. I reflected on some major highlights from my childhood that helped mold me into who i am today. Shout out to Teenage Spiritual Awareness(TSA). We were both excited to build this and began calculating and having discussions on the who, whats, when's, wheres and whys.

Right away, we started to write the vision and make it plain.

Everything hit a strong PAUSE!

When J passed in October everything hit a strong pause, but God’s gentle nudge began to direct me to my next!

So I invite you to meet my Baby BIA ..Bona’Fide Impact Academy. I’m in stitches... with joy from about this new beginning and the to do list that I'm so excited to share…..

Y'all remember that I’m learning to ASK FOR HELP. Clearly having a new baby requires a lot of work and commitment. Lot’s of preparation. To start, having a clear vision for your baby's future so you can nurture them for that destination. It takes a village right?!?!?

It takes a village!

Well I’m getting over myself every single day.(Shout out to ME!) This purpose baby, I can’t raise on my own! No matter how big my vision is in my head, I have to write it and make it plain so that those who read it can run with it.

It’s not lingering anymore. The baby is on the way and I need all hands on deck. I believe the BIA Team is coming swiftly to help fulfill this vision.


If you’re interested in volunteering for BIA click here to learn more.

I Love you BIG🧡

I love sharing my journey with you. If you're on a journey, let's walk it out together.

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