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Like to Hear it, Here it Go!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I think every 80's baby has a certain expectation when we hear that quote...... If you can tell me who said it and what show it's from, you are officially MY PEOPLE.

For those new to my world. HEY YALL. My Name Is Kenitra Mozelle

Welcome to my house!! You're free to grow and glean from pieces of me as I learn them and lend them to you. There is a thing about LENDING though. You know how those good ole' Sallie Mae student loans, mortgage loans, business loans are set up. I'm sure you do. (Those thieves)

So I am your LENDER on this page, but with a NICE plot twist. I'm going to share with my resources with you upfront. Yes. I do require an AGREEMENT. Yes. You even have to pay back with INTEREST. MHMM. Well what's the plot twist you say...

You pay me back by recognizing the BIG God (only one), realizing He gave you BIG purpose, and paying HIM back by loving BIG everyday.

I have always treasured opportunities to learn for other peoples experiences. Well it's my turn now. I am paying forward what was given to me.

My journey right now is focused on my grief journey & self care.

If you think you're up for this journey. Subscribe to my page and get ready for a ride.




  4. **Bonus** Leave a "BIG Love" letter

Love You BIG 🧡

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Ooooooo!!! I am subscribing now!

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