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Life is Hard on PURPOSE

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

What’s up So Journors. I missed y’all. You wouldn’t believe the past couple of weeks I have had. 

Like to hear it. Here it go! 

This journey, my journey…… life. Has not been smooth sailing the past couple of weeks.  Honestly it has been HARD. 

It’s been the HARD that I was avoiding. 

You ever have those moments where you think, “ if I just ignore it, it will fix it self”. Yeah that was me.  It’s easy to be busy doing amazing impactful things. BUT moving forward doesn’t mean you abandoned the business from the recent past.

I love to get focused and drive into the next project. 

I get a thrill out of conquering a new challenge. I love building things. It makes me feel accomplished. Thats all good, but moving forward without securing previous details won’t serve you well.  It will leave you vulnerable. It will make you easy prey to purpose stealers.

There are things in life that are meant to resist you reaching your purpose. We have to do our diligence not to allow them access to derail us. 

I had a real sit down and shut up moment.

While I was down with COVID, it  gave me time to rest and focus. Health challenges have a way of sobering you. When you can’t move like you typically move……. You are able to see small things that make big impacts. Whether negative or positive we need eyes to see. 

That quote “ what you don’t know, can’t hurt you”. LIES. Ignorance is a big part of why some things or never accomplished or unfulfilled.  We are empowered to make better decisions when we are informed. My progress towards MY purpose is not contingent on someone else’s decision. It’s contingent on how well i steward what’s on my plate, what’s in my hand, what i have access to,

You have a wonderful place. 

Our womens group closed out a new book. The Esther Anointing. It was a phenomenal study. The very last section of the book really stayed with me. Knowing that i have a wonderful place. A place where all my gifts and talents shine and my life’s assignment will thrive. A place where my impact is limitless. This place is where my influence carries the most weight. 

Be encouraged to have new eyes about yourself. New eyes about your journey. News eyes about your influence. Life is HARD when we are going through certain parts. Those parts, days and hours really SUCK!! But the discomfort has purpose. That time to reset and focus takes our eyes or the part that is uncomfortable and focuses on the bigger intent behind the journey.

Eyes open yall. We are headed to our very own wonderful place. 

I love you BIG🧡🧡

My wonderful place includes baby BIA. Follow along for this part of my journey.

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Jul 19, 2022

But the discomfort has purpose!!!!! Yesssssssss!!! Reminder to self!!! It's all working together for my good!!!

Coach K
Coach K
Jul 21, 2022
Replying to

That’s right sis 🧡🌺

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