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Real Tears

Happy Tuesday to my SoJourners reading in real time :-P.Happy DAY to the rest of the SQUAD. I wasn’t sure what we were going to talk about today BUT it kicked in.

Like to Hear it, Here it GO!

I was between two major womens events this weekend. Two milestone occasions. Women Sowing a Blessing the Diamond Celebration and Woman Thou Art Loosed the Finale. The community for women was on FULL display this weekend.

Choosing “for” ME still presents itself to be a challenge even though i will say i am better. Invitation to participate or serve in some capacity can easily push me over the age. I really love serving in some capacity. If i have anything to contribute to an event, occasion or vision, expect my response to be yes.

This invitation wasn’t just ANY invitation. My sis invited some of the homies to serve on a panel with her titled” Lord, Heal My Hurt”. Of course we all have an unique experience with life, hurt and healing.


The Promise

This opportunity pulled on me to identify some key points along my journey. 1) a hurt that i experiences and 2) how God healed my hurt. I most often speak of the hurt experienced related grief. This go round i pulled from way back when God gave me a promise. In Isaiah 54 God promised me soooo many things. To many to number but check it out. But if there was anything thati can point out in this moment in time was that i was reminded of the promise and how before i have experienced a fraction of the things that have wounded me most God has already promised full recompense, abundance, enlargement, many children and healing from the experiences of widowhood.

Talk about bring things full circle. The ability to see and articulate this gracefully and boldly was my portion this weekend. For this I’m grateful.

Widow Twin

After sharing i was so pleased to meet another participant that appreciated my story. Her hubby passed the day before Jerold. Oct 10, 2021. We had such a beautiful exchange. W laughed and cried and hugged. I believe we were both encouraged immensely from our brief chat. Talk about a heart smile to know that in some of your hardest experiences you are literally not alone!!

Real Tears in Real Public

Reality never ceases. Realities that I was at the ocean with J. LAst time i was there he was with me. I know he would be loved be that close to the water and getting all the sun. LEGIT. I was proud of myself. I could have lingered around( as we do after most events) but i felt the emotions rising and I let them. APPLAUSE. CLap for ME! Soon as i rounded the corner for the elevators the beach facing window and chair pulled me right over. I must have sat in that window for 45min. Not only did i let the tears come… SIS pulled out her GFT journal and put to paper, all the words inside that i couldn't say!! I feel a real happy dance right now!!! :-D That was a BIG moment with BIG emotions so for me this is BIG win!!

So i didn't make it to WTAL but during Women Sowing a Blessing this woman did EVOLVE!!

I hope you are evolving as you're going through your journey too!

I love you BIG 🌺

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