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Rest OR Shine... Which comes first?

Hey yall Hey.

I almost missed our blog time this week…… How sway?? Being a busybody.

I found that so interesting! The theme for this week is REST, right. How is that I can still be distracted with hustle and bustle while creating a themed week with Rest and Self Care as the theme.

Do me a favor and act surprised, as if that’s totally not possible for me to have almost done that. That being the exact opposite of what I am encouraging others to do. Ready set go…. Surprised FACE. 😮 Thank you, now back to reality

Being totally honest, the Graced For This Campaign this month is a really big deal. I want to give, give, give ..... Share, encourage and empower!

Reality check! You can’t pour out from an empty vessel. The season I am in is requiring a lot of me and I'm so honored to be chosen for this part of journey. My balancing act is to make sure I settle myself, have my quiet time and allow God and my tribe to pour back into me.

The time and energy that goes into planning and sharing this way is exhausting,but well worth it. I believe God loved you enough to place me here to go through my process to share with you. Your pain has a promise connected to it. So i'm here to be your pusher. I'm here to challenge you to lean into YOUR journey. I’m here to challenge you to own your story. Own that power.

I’m here to challenge you to own your story.

The same way my story can empower you, so can yours empower the next person. Let’s be gifts that keeps on giving.

I’m here for work! Are you?

In late March I sat down to journal and something amazing just flowed out of me. I want to share this with my Journey tribe first. There are several songs that have marked my journey and I have a journal entry for each one….. Cried the entire time I wrote, but it was a beautiful reflection of my journey. Also if you’re following my SM pages you’ll notice occasional songs of the day. These songs are the ones I may share with you throughout the month.

Like to hear it, here it GO!



I rediscovered this song a few days before J’s homegoing service. It made me reflect on how much and how big Jerold loved. It was big and bright. He left such a big impact on everyone he met. His life in that very moment challenged me to shine bigger, brighter and BRAVELY. In the days immediately following his passing, I made it my mission to represent him well. With as much love and wholeness as I could. Falling apart was not an option. Shining brighter for TWO was my mission. No other options. My heart sang this song. Best and worst place. It made me smile and made me cry. Every lyric gave me inspiration to shine despite my loss,my hurt and the big beautiful voids to come.My commitment was to shine for the US!

Even bigger than shining for US, going through this journey well allows me to shine brighter for GOD. Through each part of the journey I grow and get to shine brighter each day. I am assured that even though its hard, i'm going to win because obviously … I'M GRACED FOR THIS!

- KenitraMozelle 3/25/22



The first episode on the YouTube channel is up. If you haven't already, tap in to the chat with me and Tifani of @simplyglocollection.

PS- she hooked us up with a discount code on her self care line of products for the month!!

15% off CODE: Graced4this

Love you BIG 🧡🌺

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