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Graced For This , The Devotional/ AUTOGRAPHED

Graced For This , The Devotional/ AUTOGRAPHED

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Graced for This: The Devotional is a 21-day devotional to guide women from grief to evolution. The devotional is written by Kenitra Mason, who shares her experience with grief and wellness as a guide to help women like her. Kenitra speaks to you as a mother, wife, leader, clergy, professional, and entrepreneur taking ownership of your wellness journey and learning to honor the part of you that is human. YOU will appreciate this grace journey because it’s made just for you.


In this book, you’ll:

  • Acknowledge GRIEF as the first step to healing.

  • Understand that REST is necessary and clarifying. 

  • Learn practical tips for asking for and receiving AID.

  • Identify and embrace the benefits of a safe COMMUNITY. 

  • EVOLVE into the next best version of yourself, unapologetically yet gracefully.

  • About The Author

    Kenitra is an enthusiastic Kingdom Advocate. After losing her husband in 2021, grief became the catalyst for her wellness journey. Kenitra has since founded Graced For This, a community for women of faith who are taking ownership of their wellness journey personally, relationally, and professionally. 

    Kenitra is a registered nurse by trade and a planner by passion. She has combined these gifts as the owner of Events Bona’Fide, where she serves visionaries with Kingdom and Community impacting visions for events, coaching and consulting. Her clients can focus on impact while her team perfects the presentation.

    Her personal mission is to coordinate and plan events that facilitate safe, transparent, and courageous conversations where participants can become the next best versions of themselves.




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