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Want a passionate speaker for your next event, workshop or interview?

Kenitra Mozelle is the founder of Graced For This , a community for women choosing to own their wellness work and embrace the journey of grieving, healing and building! Her mission is to help communities grow through grief, build what helped them heal and then capitalize on their catalyst!

Kenitra's presentations create safe spaces where honest, vulnerable and courageous conversation happen and participants become the next best version of themselves. Through community, conversation and collaboration, she uses her platform to inform, influence and inspire listeners to archive their journeys and then build for legacy with their life's story. 

She is passionate about coaching leaders and visionaries with Kingdom & community impacting programs ! She not only coaches communities to grow through grief, she coaches leaders and their staff to plan for impact and deliver hospitality that heals.

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5 Steps To

Capitalize On Your Catalyst

Grief, hardship and unexpected transitions are a part of life that we cant avoid. This talk will challenge you to change your perspective on the unexpected challenges in your life and turn them into power!

Growing Through Grief :

The GRACED Model

While there is no set path for each person's grief process there are 5 key steps I have found pivotal in my path to grieve, heal and build. This talk walks through the highs and lows of the journey that land in a personal evolution.

Laying Foundation

Before You Launch

Often our bright ideas make us zealous and oblivious to correctly calculating the cost. Before launching anything a FIRM foundation must be laid. That foundation starts with you!

How To Build Safe &

Sustainable Community

Building community happens well after having a positive experience with the community. This is not a pop up shop journey, it is an intentional journey. When a community is built well with the right audience in mind you choose to be clear, concise and conscious in each step.

How to Plan For Impact

Have you planned an event and were disappointed with the turnout of attendance? Our intentions don't guarantee us an audience. Yes our heart is in the right place, but we have to strategically plan so that our words and work meet the ears when those ears are poised to receive.

Topics are customized for each audience & event.  Additional topics are available on request.

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I Help Builders To

Identify & Grow Through Grief 

Own & Archive the Healing Journey 

Refine the Vision to

Build What Helped You Heal

Lay Solid Foundations Before  Launches

Plan For Impact With Hospitality In Mind

Want Kenitra To Speak At Your Event?

Kenitra is now accepting bookings for 2024-2025.
Let's talk about how she can bring new life to your audience.



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