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I Was Growing But Not Going!


This month is coming in with a BANG. I don't even need 4th of July fireworks, God is bringing his own. To be honest its been a push and pull to get here. Like to hear it , here it go!

I Was Growing But Not Going

Of course i do me best to be honest, process and share. Sometimes its a bit complicated, however i wont make any excuses.

This Coach K situation has been present for more than a year now. Was i fully leaning into NOPE. Was i making myself available for the people God needs me to serve. NOPE!

I was experiencing feelings of doubt. Some imposter syndrome. Straight up fear. Let's call out laziness as well as AVOIDANCE.

Take Ownership

As we are ALL ... i said all.... taking ownership of the shift, we will have to pull down thoughts and barriers to progressing in our God call. We're going through this because we're graced for this. I say it all the time , yet there is a point where we must move into action!

  • We're growing through grief, but where is the Go?

  • We're grieving, healing and building but where is the Go?

  • You know what you're called to build but when will you GO?

Every Wednesday in July 2 12 Noon.

Grieve , Grow & Go!

Let's talk about this thing. I am officially in GO MODE! If the urge on you to move is present, this is for you.



Kenitra Mozelle


Did you miss prayer?

Remember its GFT Prayer Week. Check out day 1!

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