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From The Heart of Kenitra Mozelle

I have to share a transparent moment with you all. Like to hear it. Here it GO!

This Money Thing is BIGGER than money?

Hey GFT Squad & KM tribe. We have been in this journey either since Feb 2022 or as recent as June 2024. Regardless of how long you have been tapped in you are apart of this journey of me building what helped me heal.

The persistent transparency, testimony and vulnerability has been an unearthing of the dust that I am. Each season of this journey i become soberly aware of how much work i truly require. I become aware that the GFT call, this message, this movement is greater than I could have anticipated.

I started this journey thinking ....

  • im going to help people heal and be honest about needing therapy

  • im going to help people learn to grieve

  • im going to help people own their wellness

Well, God's the master of a catch 22. Not only am i an author, speaker and a coach....

  • i am responsible for stewarding the wealth attached this story.

  • i am responsible for stewarding the glory after the grief.

  • i am responsible for stewarding this message to meet you!

It just keeps getting bigger, i keep having to stretch, i keep having to tell the truth about this builders journey.

Wellness Work goes harder each Wednesday!

Tonight I’m doing a little extra to dig into it. I’ll be live at 8pm tonight.

If you want dets Text BUILDER to 203-547-2962 and I’ll let you know when we’re live.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.


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