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Where Builders Arise From Grieved to GRACED

Learn about the Growing Through Grief Movement. 

The mission, the momentum and the movers!











Wellness Works Summits

  • Our quarterly summits initiate conversation, connection & commitment to help the community take ownership of their wellness journey

  • Summits include panel discussions, resources fairs and access to mental health partners

  • Our goal is to host each summit at no charge to participants through partnership and sponsorship with community advocates

The Mission

Coordinate & Facilitate spaces for wellness focused conversation

Build a virtual space to connect the community to wellness specific resources.

Help Humanity Commit and Collaborate to a build Personal Wellness Regimen

The GTG Team.

Our team is comprised of professionals and entrepreneurs that are honest with their Growing Through Grief Journey. Each team members is building a community impacting brand soley, while still contributing to the mission of GTG because of aligned values.The objective of our team is to strategically map out a pathway that will stretch our reach and multiply the impact of the wellness work mantra. 

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Dr. John Mason

Instructional Design Liason @DrJohnMason

monica headshot.png

Monica Michelle 

Strategic Solutions Liason


Patrick Paige

Mens Community Liason 


Sophia Strange

Wellness Partner Liason


Own Your Wellness Journey

Grieve, Heal & Build


Grow Through Grief 

Grief is a journey that is induced by more than just the loss of a loved one. We help men and women grow through grief with reference to the GTG model. Our goal is to model a foundation that challenges the community to live honestly with their humanity and begin exploring a personal wellness regimen.


Archive Your Healing Journey

Journaling is a simple yet healthy practice to accompany a commitment to do wellness work. As we improve and begin to track and review or progress overtime we will discover a pathway to healing that can be shared with others.


Build What Helped You Heal

As much of our audience is filled with leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs the healing journey offers a powerful advantage. A new connection with your personal story leads to you building to serve and building to scale. We lead our community through healing that produces impact and profit. 

The Tea's In The Testimonials

From our youtube channel, our private community, our events and more!

Alexa Young, CA

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The Books

Morgan James, NY

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The Community

Lisa Driver, MI

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The Events

Grow Through Grief Together

Join The Movement

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