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“Choosing Alignment Over Allegiance Always Positions You To Win” 

I help people who love Jesus decipher between relationship and religion.


Author | Speaker | Coach 

Kenitra is a registered nurse by trade and an event planner by passion. 

Her personal mission is to coordinate and plan events that facilitate safe, transparent, and courageous conversations where participants can become the next best versions of themselves

Kenitra is an enthusiastic Kingdom Advocate. She is passionate about advocating for all things Kingdom and Community because her revelation is that they should be one and the same. Kenitra enjoys serving the Kingdom as a minister, elder, and prophet in her church. She is called to resist religion by modeling a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Yes, she's called to the marketplace through events, coaching, and consulting, but she does not enter any room without being aware that she's on an assignment from God and the Holy Spirit is her partner. Her daily battles with Alignment over Allegiance fuel every step as she navigates her call to model relationships over religion


  After losing her husband in 2021, grief became the catalyst for her wellness journey. Kenitra has since founded Graced For This, a community for women of faith who take ownership of their wellness journey personally, relationally, and professionally. Her journey to grieve, heal, and build has refined her to serve through events, coaching, and consulting. She has combined these gifts as the owner of Events Bona’Fide, where she serves leaders and visionaries with Kingdom and Community impacting visions. Her clients can focus on impact while EB perfects the presentation. 

She launched the Graced For This Mentorship program to walk women through their graced journey and will be launching the Graced For Business Coaching program in 2024

Connect In Community 

This GFT Community page is to accommodate needs to go in deeper in ..


Intimate spaces should be safe spaces. We have created that here as we grieve heal and build.

Some statements, posts, conversations won’t speak to the

general public but can be amplified here!

Expect scheduled discussions and tips that help us take ownership of our wellness….. personally, relationally and professionally!



This is a very tender and honest space. Enter at your own risk, but expect to laugh, cry, and be inspired with a millennial twist..The Journey Blog tracks the beginning of my grief and wellness journey. This blog started in February of 2022, my first Valentine's Day as a widow. Archiving my highs, lows, awakenings, and milestones has served me well and empowers me to serve others.! I pray that you see yourself in my journey as you move forward in your own journey! Like to HEAR it, HERE it Go!




Want a passionate speaker for your next event, podcast/workshop?

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My Signature Speaking/Training Topics Include...


Growing Through Grief :
The GRACED Model

While there is no set path for each person's grief process there are 5 key steps I have found pivotal in my path to grieve, heal, and build. This talk walks through the highs and lows of the journey that lands in a personal evolution.


How To Build Safe &
Sustainable Community

Building a community happens well after having a positive experience with the community. This is not a pop-up shop journey, it is an intentional journey. When a community is built well with the right audience in mind you choose to be clear, concise, and conscious in each step.


Laying Foundation
Before You Launch

Often our bright ideas make us zealous and oblivious to correctly calculating the cost. Before launching anything a FIRM foundation must be laid. That foundation starts with you!


How to Plan For Impact

Have you planned an event and were disappointed with the turnout of attendance? Our intentions don't guarantee us an audience. Yes our heart is in the right place, but we have to strategically plan so that our words and work meet the ears when those ears are poised to receive. 

Are you a woman of faith ready to grieve, heal, and build?

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Graced for This: The Devotional is a 21-day devotional to guide women from grief to evolution. The devotional is written by Kenitra Mason, who shares her experience with grief and wellness as a guide to help women like her.


Kenitra speaks to you as a mother, wife, leader, clergy, professional, and entrepreneur, taking ownership of your wellness journey and learning to honor the part of you that is human. YOU will appreciate this grace journey because it’s made just for you. Purchase Graced for This: The Devotional

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Get Offer! 

With events, coaching, and consulting as three pillars of Kenitra Mozelle she combines foundation-laying strategies from the perspective of you, your clients, and your events.


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