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I help women grow through grief, archive their healing journey, and build helped them heal.
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& Build

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Build What Helped You Heal!

I assist builders in achieving clarity as they endeavor to develop their brand and share their narrative.

I guide participants in comprehending strategy, purpose, and the art of community building.

I assist kingdom builders in seizing collaboration opportunities within their current spaces.

Hey there

I'm Kenitra Mozelle 

Author | Speaker | Coach 

Kenitra, a certified nurse with a professional background, is a passionate and dedicated event planner. Her mission centers around organizing events and conversations that cultivate transparent, safe, and healthy communities, enabling participants to progress toward their next best selves. 


Kenitra is particularly enthusiastic about assisting kingdom builders. Through coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements, she strives to make a positive impact on lives while advocating for the harmonious integration of kingdom and community values.

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Graced For This

The Devotional

"Graced for This: The Devotional" is a 21-day guide designed to lead women from grief to evolution. Authored by Kenitra Mason, the devotional draws from her personal journey with grief and wellness, offering guidance to women facing similar challenges. Kenitra speaks directly to you, embracing roles such as mother, wife, leader, clergy, professional, and entrepreneur. The devotional encourages you to take charge of your wellness journey and acknowledge the human aspect within you. This grace-filled journey is crafted specifically for you, with an appreciation for your unique experiences.



What Helped

You Heal!"

- Kenitra Mozelle

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