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Wedding Anniversary 2022

My first wedding anniversary as a widow was curated by my Creator. I had no idea that this moment would be the beginning of me building a community for all the other ME's.  I'm sober yet excited to share this  moment that was intended to remember and celebrate my love in the absence of his person!

Happy Anniversary to the Masons

Photographer Michelle Lineka Photography

Thank you to my tribe. I always say the C in GRACE is for Community. The Kenitra Mozelle that you experience today would not exist without the support of amazing humans giving me grace during one of my most human experiences. 


Thank you Mom, Dad, Carla, Norei, Donna, Laneesha, Bryon, Brooklyn, Mashekia, Fred, Alkeisha, Rod, Meshondra and BIGGEST OF ALL. Lineka Michelle.  

Special Thanks

Venue - Augusta Marriot & Convention Center | Floral- Dewayne Hannah Design & Floral 

Makeup - Makeup By Montrice | Photography- Michelle Lineka PhotographyVideography- SnapsOfLife Photography

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