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Graced For Business Coaching is for women with legacy-impacting visions that are multifaceted but still murky in their understanding. GFB helps you go from confusion to clarity, from journals to journeys, from builders to Bosses!

The Builder Journey

Blueprints & Strategies

These strategy sessions help visionaries uncover, refine and align the builder strategy to reveal the blueprints to launch their brand.

Our mission is to help… 

  • Lay The Foundation Before You Launch 

  • Plan For Impact 

  • Build What Helped You Heal

Work with 
Coach K!

Are you ready to

build what helped you heal?

Special Offers

Graced For Business

This annual Graced For Business VIP Day is the annual collaborative experience between fellow Bosses to help you level up your show up.

Photography by the BrandDevelopHER : Michelle Lineka Co.