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I hear the SOUND of ABUNDANCE!

Hey Builders, 

I heard the most profound yet simple inquiry the other day! Do You Hear The Sound Of The Abundance Of The Rain !

I live on the east coast and we have experienced an abundance of rain with what was deemed a storm. I believe storms can be good and bad depending on the perspective that you view it. 

During the down pouring of rain I looked into my background and saw our creek OVERFLOWING. I was drawn to go and see more and while i did this there was a deer standing in the middle of the abundance. The deer was unbothered. The deer was not struggling to maintain its stance. THe deer was fully composed. It was almost as if the deer knew this type of abundance is normal for me. By the time I came closer to see all the happenings, the deer was gone. 

In that moment I heard God say, I'm sending an overflow of my resources that will be so big that people will hear it, see it and then inquire of how you’re standing in it!

Builders !!!!

CAN YOU HEAR IT? There is a different sound in the wind and it is calling out to us. Holy Spirit is urging us to prepare for what we hear!  Praise God we are able to hear the sound but are you able to interpret the sound. Does the type of sound inform you on how you should be moving, stepping and shifting.  Do you have ears to hear what God is saying the church? Do you hear what He is saying to you Builder?

DO YOU SEE IT? The overflow in the creek was OBVIOUS! There was no way to miss it because I know what the creek usually looks like. THe creek has a natural pathway that was built into the earth. I hear God saying that He has called us to build and create a pathway in the earth. He instructing us to build and create an established pathway in the earth! When the path is established the the resources know how to flow through it, the abundance of overflow will be obvious and abundant to people not even standing near to it. 

ARE YOU READY TO STEWARD IT? If the abundance that was experienced with my cree overflowing were to come would I be able to stand in it with confidence like the deer? Have I created a clearly defined pathway for service so that the abundance has direction upon its arrival? Have I built what God instructed me to build? Have I written the vision and made it plain so the abundance of helpers, houses, and hearers can experience the wellspring that is now my portion to steward?

I hear the abundance of the sound of rain! I say to you lastly!

Builders ARISE!

Coach K

If you’re looking to connect in a place to help with the BUILDERS JOURNEY.

I have Blueprints, Contractors, Resources & More!


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