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Focus On The Promise Land

Happy Thursday as this month comes to a close. I look back at how much has changed. 

Like to hear it, here it go!

I have crossed over into a new level of leaderships, entrepreneurship and BOSSHIP 🤣🤣

  • Those who were close or seemed close have created new found distance. 

  • Others have created new found closeness. And this makes my heart full. 

  • Im honest and aware of all of my humanity in all my glory simultaneously. 

Still happy, still human and still can hurt. All of these things can be true at the same time. Relationship transitions can be challenging.

A reality that we often forget is that other people are going through their season of arriving and refining to. Allow room for you and others to evolve into the next best version of themselves.

In the meantime , here's three things to check your leadership.

  • Your example

  • Your words

  • Your training

August has been AMAZING now it’s time for the next level up!



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