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Does your journey look like mine?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Can i just say….. The last two weeks have been jam packed full of life. I mean GOOOD life. Milestones and Memories and Markers that will be apart of my story for eternity. I’m going to break this down as best I can.

Like to hear it, here it GO!!

You may recall me saying “Alignment Over Allegiance”. I have put that into practice more and more over the past year. Some of those days and in some relationships i had gotten away from it. As I look back at the spaces where i have learned the most, i have a desire to serve others.

I have called myself “Kingdom Advocate” since 2007. Now i am seeing that i truly am an advocate. Presently a big advocate for Wellness. Wellness for WOMEN! Our personal wellness, wellness in relationships, and wellness in business to be specific. In these three categories i feel the BIGGEST PUSH

Let's go on a journey….


I have learned that I was more comfortable helping and serving others than helping and serving myself. While that seems honorable as an act of service, it can also be used to our own detriment if we don't serve ourselves with the same fervor. I saw my devotion to serving and how I had made it a scapegoat for why I had not cared for myself better. Praise GOD for new eyes. My grief journey gracefully arrested me! My ownership of ME and every facet of me became my new primary focus. I’ll say it like this, “ Prioritize yourself SIS!”

I know that place now. I understand how uncomfortable it is to face yourself. Even more, learning about yourself and the why behind you! Let's agree that this is a full time job. It’s actually the most important job we will ever have. How we show up on this job, depicts how well you will fully show up on your other jobs.


I am and will always be the person with the big, cheerleading, supportive heart. I love for others to shine. I love to help others recognize when their light is shining the brightest. NOT CHANGING THAT!

However I am not dimming my light for yours to shine. I’m not owning the residual effects of how your lack of self work affects me. I am giving distance. I am choosing to be quiet. I am choosing to correct and redirect. This is in advocacy for myself and as the spirit of God leads.

Since this is my space I can out myself. Yall im tender-hearted. I had a really hard time disappointing or not reciprocating well to those who sow into me. I have taken those types of situations very personally. I can’t do that anymore. Yes i’ll still be tender-hearted, but i’ll take it to God instead of trying to work, service, and “show up’ myself out of feeling like I failed. Failed someone else or failed myself. I’ll be a hero for myself and that's plenty.


One of my favorite quotes when i get EXCITED is “Lets get this WERK”. It still hits but hit’s differently because My Work becomes more and more clear each day. The transition from my JOB to my WORK has been beautiful, intimidating, and challenging. All of this being perfectly normal for the experience doesn't make it any easier. What does make it better………..Hearing your creator's voice telling you what to do. Knowing that your decision was the right one. Seeing God bless the work of your hands in places where the impact is needed. Watching God allow your words and position to cross paths with the right people at the right time…..PRICELESS! Truly Awe Striking.

My Journey for 2023

My business for 2023 is Graced For This. What’s this you may say? Having courageous conversations, creating safe spaces for healing and purpose partnerships. My this is serving women who had experience tough losses, who are owning there wellness journey and who are seeing Gods purpose in their pain so to others can have a model for victory.

I believe your this isn’t too different from mine! I’m excited to meet face to face and remind my sisters not to give up, but to go through. Never forget you are “ Graced For This”.

As we go into the holiday season i want to invite you to encourage another sister that she's ”Graced For This”! Shop GFT today!! Tees, Journals and Mugs!!

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