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Second Wedding No Bae.

My SoJourners......What’s popping?? As this year is coming to an end i can look back and see so much progress, growth and clarity.

Like to hear it. Here it go!! 

So you see my sis got married this weekend past. Yes, like my sister sister. We have known each other, been supporting each other, rocking with each other since she was taller than me. 😂😂. She was my bridesmaid in 2016 and i was hers this 2022. It was such a pleasure to serve and support. 


Now, this serve and support all while checking and managing my own internal. Full time job! But your girl did that thing! pats self on back I had a couple of I’m going to ugly cry moments but i didn’t. Even bigger, i self searched what my tears were for! Joy, Excitement, Anticipation,Grief, Sadness, Loneliness! All of this processing came from the same place. LOVE. Love for my sister ,a beautiful bride, standing before me and Love for my honey in heaven who miss i everyday. 


Yooooo i almost went out for the bouquet toss! I definitely had a shocking moment, realizing that i qualify and totally see myself being married again. I’m resolved in that fact,  but going to the dance floor felt like way too big of a public declaration. Got anxious pretty quick for a short moment. But i quickly remembered that I’ll go when I’m ready. No one is pressuring me. Have fun in the moment. And i did! Grabbed my phone and videoed the bouquet toss 📸💐


If you have been with me since Feb 2022 or just know me personally. You know I’m an EVENT PLANNER!! Shoutout to Events Bona’Fide where i specifically work with brides and grooms. It has been a happy place for me! However, the season of pivot is for me, right here, right now. The way my mind is being refined and able to see, plan and strategize is on another level. My desire is fervent towards supporting those who are building for legacy and impact as well as Kingdom and community. Having said that EB won't be serving wedding planning services anymore. 😮😮 What a big beautiful transition. Big pivot and Big clarity this season.

This is my life and I’m loving every bit of it! 

2023 belongs to Graced For This! 

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