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Better This Week?

Hey Yall Hey,

I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine is coming along quite well. Even after a double road trip this weekend, i'm feeling like this week is off to a smooth start.

Last week the builders and I chatted about 3 things. I wanted to unpack this conversation with you all as we count down the days to our GFT Conference this weekend.

Like to hear it, here it go!

How's Your Peace?

We talked about being uncomfortable in the same place! Rather being uncomfortable because you haven't taken the next step forward! We often arrive to levels of discomfort because of our lack of movement towards next.

Honest moment- i have been avoiding some of the next by busying myself with the work of now! It has taken a full 12 months for me to make room for people to help me!

Let's also consider that obedience being fulfilled happens in stages.

  • Some of us are called to build ARK SIZED things.

  • Some of us are called to tell difficult yet life changing stories

  • Some of us are called to Arise, Build & IMPACT!

What's Next ?

We have to set our hearts to stay aligned with Gods instructions to us! What did HE say? Whats been your response?

Make an honest assessment of yourself THEN take the next step.

I led a strategy session client through this process yesterday.

Yes we have the story, the heart and the vision but "God What is my next step?"

We have to arrive to a place where, here is no longer acceptable to us! I recall having a made up mind to choose next. Yall remember...

  • When i started BIA (Baby BIA, Bonafide Impact Academy).

  • When i left my job at the VA.

  • When i started GracedForThis®.

Staying in the old place was NOT AN OPTION! Its time to remove other options yall.

I'm sharing this with just as i did with my coaching client. Spend some time with God, in your journal or listening for His voice. The question is...

God, what is the next step that you want me to take?

In Closing( as the preachers say)

I love you big and i'm going live to share more during our Wellness Work Wednesday at 12p. I would love for you to join.

Set the reminder here...


Text Journey to 203-547-2962 to get a text when we're live!

Remember, i LYB but i love God more. Let the evidence of both be me sending 2 blogs back to back weeks! ( somethings is shifting)

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