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Wedding Anniversary No BAE

Updated: May 29, 2022

Blow the sirens, Clap your hands, lemme hear a trumpet blow. Trumpets like when “you highness” is being introduced, OKAAAAY!!!

WE MADE IT YALL. Yes WE. Not me alone. But ME and my TRIBE had an amazing weekend celebrating Mine & Jerold’s 6th Wedding anniversary.

I’m so amazed at how gitty I am to share this. Its 6:34am and I couldn't wait to start typing the blog to share about the experience.

This weekend was so beautiful!! SO STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. God truly exceeded my expectations. As a planner, I had a very clear idea on what was supposed to happen, where it was supposed to happen, etc. I had casted the vision to the crew and we were on our way! But Friday night things started to shift.

Go with your gut.

A big take away from this weekend was “GO WITH YOUR GUT” but truly its “Go With GOD”. After mistakenly booking the hotel room for the wrong weekend and having to get another hotel at the last minute, things had clearly begun shifting. That shift is exactly what God preplanned and was necessary for this weekend. A different direction entirely! I just prepared myself to go with the flow.

Go with your gut.

Go with the flow.

Go with God!

Saturday we had a photoshoot. I got up at 7am to get makeup, donned a beautiful hunter green one shoulder gown, wore custom jewelry made by our niece, shoes and bracelet from my sister nurses and prepared to smile and celebrate me and Jerold the best way I knew how!

MY TRIBE was present and accounted for!! They came from as far as Maryland and Tennessee for the day. They were dressed in color combinations of orange, white and gold.

We had such a beautiful time. We laughed ,cracked jokes, oooo’d and aaaah’d with the photographer and videographer. The time together… was needed, was perfect , was amazing. Love tank of FULL! Why? Because I love people, especially MY people. All together in one space enjoying LIFE and the abundance of it…… EVERYTHING.

TOGETHER we added MORE beautiful memories to an already amazing day!

Anniversary Day DelighThings

After we finished pictures, hugs and tears we took to DelighThings….YEP.

We strolled the Augusta Riverwalk, viewing the river and beautiful waterfront homes on the SC side. The sun was shining BEAUTIFULLY. ( J would have kicked back and sunbathed until he was 3 shades darker). We enjoyed the Augusta Saturday Market. Bought custom oreos from @queencandyATL( they matched my outfit). We visited various booths, ate Kona Ice cups and had big custom lemonades. We even had authentic Colombian and Indian cuisine. Shoutout to Augusta GA for being a beautiful melting pot.

All this to say my first anniversary no BAE was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. And though J was not physically there he was represented OH SO WELL! 💚🧡🌺

Jerold’s ’Well Done” continues to shine through us”

I have beautiful memories to add to the

Fourteenth Day of May. 2016 , 2022 and Beyond.

To top it off we did a WATCH PARTY and my tribe joined me in watching our wedding highlight video. Shout out to Goodwater Films for capturing the original of our amazing wedding 2016!!

Check it out!!

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