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Grief is a journey not an OCCASION

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

There are so many things that I want to say… But your time is valuable, and I dont want this blog to be TOO LONG.

Like to hear it , Here it GO!!

Who told us that we can only grieve between a date of death and the funeral!!

Why do we give ourselves these parameters that restrict us? What can we feel? How long can we feel it? Where can we feel it? When can we feel it? How big can I express what we feel?

If you break down at the funeral or not, you’re still grieving—the day before, the day after, and likely for years to come. Nobody outside of US knows how big of a VOID these transitions make. Nobody knows the ripples and waves that will show up in your life as you keep on living.

Give yourself permission to grieve.

No textbook on grief will fit your experience perfectly. I believe God designed it this way. We don’t need anyone else to validate our grief experience. It best serves us to go to GOD with the deepest, most vulnerable, hurting moments. Yes, we talked about safe faces and places, but GOD is the one who made us. He is the one that knows what the rest of your life is supposed to look like. God can ensure that your grief journey leads you to the right place.

The right place. The place of your peace. The place of your healing. The place of strength to tell YOUR story.

Give yourself permission to grieve.

Unfortunately, life teaches us to compare. Life teaches us to measure everything about us next to someone else. I’m finding that we do this with grief as well. I have learned that we almost immediately begin to measure the size of our grief next to someone else grief. IT DOES NOT MATTER what someone else is feeling. Honor and respect your feelings. You are not required to have specific proximity to a person to grieve in a particular manner.

You better feel your feelings. Cry your tears. Lay on the floor. Roll from left to right. WHATEVER you feel in your moment, make space for yourself to feel that thing.

My heart is BIG on this. Your wellness is contingent on this. Don’t breeze past this moment.

Take a moment and ask yourself…. How Is My Heart?

Then let your heart respond!

Dont just “Move On”. Give yourself permission to grieve.

Check out the LIVE” How is your heart”


I love you BIG 🧡🧡

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