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I Caught COVID!

Here I am #bdayallmonth long. All about me. Celebrate me. Serving me.

Child bye. There’s is thin lin between self care and self glorification. There is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself. I’m a living witness of that. Been gassing myself for decades. Mmhhkay. But this is also a season of transition in so many ways. I would be wrong to make this all about ME to the point that I stopped hearing God about ME and whats next.

My transitions, managing the household, employee to entrepreneur, founding a non profit, being a better communicator, intentionally investing in my wellness journey.... to name a few.

Right Thing + Wrong Direction = FAIL

Whether it was all of them or just the one, I don’t advise planning with without God. It’s like doing a lot of hardwork for it all to fail. All the RIGHT things in the WRONG direction = Still wrong.

Clearly the second half of my year will be full a new, unknown, never-travelled terrain. Honestly i’m nervous(appropriately so) but I’m here for it. All year i have been reminded that

  • He never leaves or forsakes me

  • I didn’t come up with all these grand ideas, He gave them to me

  • He’s making provision for each part of the vision he’s given to me!

Having said that I still have to sit and hear His instructions for me.


Maybe I have been a busy bee not fully/wholly/entirely handling me. But God has this covid sitting me still for a good week huh!! Yes. Mhmkay. I have ALL the time this week.LMBO Sitting,laying and lounging in this master suite.

To be 100%,this next season is too important to be hasty and miss the mark. To be distracted and miss the mark.

It will not be said of me “you had one job”… like @RayJ at this last Verzuz..

What we will hear is “She understood the assignment”.

Life is not, “here's the full plan, now run with it”. Rather, “ It’s a here’s one piece, run that play and circle back for details on the next play.” type scenario.

God is the quarterback(like Stetson Bennett) with the view,plan and power to call the shots. I’m on the offensive team waiting for the snap and watching for the QB to pass! This means i gotta be in practice, study the play book, pay attention in the huddle, and be watching when the ball goes up i'm ready to be the receiver. Call me Pickens. OUT HERE!!!

I love football#HowBoutThemDawgs. I go off when a receiver drops an easy pass, down the field, wide open. Hear me! I am not dropping this ball. There is too much on the line!

Here’s 3 steps I'm using.

How to stay focused on the assignment!

Position yourself intentionally to hear from God.

Set aside intimate time with no distractions, no SM,no phone. Grab your journal and be ready to write what you hear.

Pray about how to move forward.

What should your next step be to align with what He said. Which direct shall you go?

Plan out your obedience.

Give yourself 3 action items to show your commitment to obedience. Allow God to show you the people and places for put that action to work.

Yes, when it’s all said and done, I do want to hear a well done thy good and faithful servant. But I’m also rooting for the well done at the end of each day and the end of each week! I’m not gonna drop the pass on those either!

Keeping my ears sharp. Keeping my eyes open. Keep my heart pure.

I love yall BIG🧡🌺

-Kenitra Mozelle

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Jun 28, 2022

Vison is better than sight. Keep your vision!

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