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Last week was rough.

This one is completely out of left field yall, but rock with me. Like to hear it. Here it go.

I have been kind of hit and miss that past couple of weeks. Last week for SURE.

The last week has been HEAVY. Lots of emotions and feelings. Though uncomfortable, I'm seeing how much it has been on purpose. I had an epiphany this am about this season.

I started Invisalign this year. I'm about 6 trays in I think. I haven't been totally compliant with wearing them. I even lost a tray 3 weeks ago. I had them one second and they were gone the next. CRAZY!!

I was really hopeful about finding them. Matter fact, it was day one of that set of trays.

If you've ever done braces or invisalign you know day one is the worst because new pressure, new work, new goals kick in.

I was so MAD about that thing… I had already invested several hours worth of discomfort into those trays. And boom they’re gone.

I waited a week hoping they would turn up, and forgot about restarting a second week!

But this morning ( Tuesday AM) I looked in the mirror and smiled.. Prepping to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash, I smiled at myself. A big pretty smile. A smile i hadn't seen in a while!

My smile is sooo much better than when I started. It is not perfectly aligned yet but it's on its way. I can see where it's headed even though it's not there yet.

A lightbulb went off.

After that second week of non compliance with trays…. I moved forward to the next trays!!! YEP literally skipped a whole two weeks of gentle transition. My mouth was hurting for a good 4 days last week. Each day was better of course, but I can clearly recall how uncomfortable I was. Especially day one. I didn't want to eat for a couple of days.

Going through life changing processes can be super uncomfortable but considering the end result finally arriving can be inspiration to push through the journey.

Yes, I want my teeth straight. There is a care plan for how to arrive at straight teeth. Getting out of line with the care plan may not have seemed like such a big deal, but trying to jump back in the process ahead of where I left off. JUGGERNAUT!!!!

Looking in the mirror and liking my smile, reminded me of how much I was hurting last week but how i was satisfied with the results. The positioning of my teeth is getting better and better as I go through the process.

I believe my life is being aligned for something amazing.

A new beginning.

My next season.

A new assignment.

I believe the finished product is going to be phenomenal.

I believe I am going to get where I am going!

But my submission to the plan will affect how painful the process is or isn’t.

Sure, I'm going to be satisfied with the end product. I'll Be excited about where I'm positioned.

But sis if you keep skipping, missing or forgetting to follow the plan it's going to hurt unnecessarily along the way.

I love where my smile is and remember what it has taken to get this far. Especially when I had to jam myself back into the plan after being off track.

I have ran from, hid from and skipped over some parts of my last season. That has landed me where I am today. Landed with some unnecessary wear and tear.

There is no journey to be had that won't include some growing pains.

But I'm deciding not to add any discomfort to what's already promised.

I’m slowing down

I’m feeling my feelings.

I’m crying my tears.

I’m remembering what I had.

I’m smiling

I’m sitting by the pool

I’m cooking for myself(coaching still required but better)

I’m sleeping longer

I’m making shorter to do lists

There is so much of me that has to be made new.

It's all going to come into alignment.

I’m doing my best to stay the course.

Stick with the plan.

Even when it hurts.

If you’re having hard, heavy, hurtful days, be encouraged to stay the course it gets better and it will come into alignment.

We’re going to make it.!!

I love you BIG🧡🌺🧡🌺

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Aug 10, 2022

Loved this!!! Great read had to read it twice!!

"There is no journey to be had that won't include some growing pains.

But I'm deciding not to add any discomfort to what's already promised. "

That is so good!! In this world we will have pain but God has overcome the world!!! And we have to intentionally decide everyday to align ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually with the one who conquered it all!!!!

Coach K
Coach K
Aug 23, 2022
Replying to

Oo honey . You just blessed me today with this comment. Thank you 🧡🌺

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