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The REBIRTH of KenitraMozelle

This blog today is hitting differently. Not just because it’s my BIRTHDAY but because it’s genuinely marking a birthing. This journey of discovering ME and choosing to lean into me is an entire arrival on its own.

That past several months have positioned me in front of a mirror that I have been overlooking for years. But mirrors serve us so well when we use them … Mirrors also don’t lie.

There are mirrors in LIFE that we don’t always recognize as such. A mirror reflects precisely what they behold... Our speech reflects the heart. Our children reflect our homes. Our relationships reflect our love for ourselves and others.

Mirrors tell no lies .

My favorite mirror is my Bible. Booooooy, have I been gotten together in this season. So many things in that reflection that need to be refined…. But this mirror also reminded me of what God said about me and that He hasn’t changed His mind. His promises to me are true, and every part of my life is working together for my good.

My birth to Kenny and Ardena is working.

My Augusta upbringing is working.

My attendance and graduation from A. R. Johnson is working.

My journey to a bachelor’s degree at Hampton University is working.

My 17 years of service at the Augusta VAMC is working.

Meeting, marrying, and mourning my love is working.

Nothing in my journey was by chance. It has ALL led me to this 37th birthday. Even more significant is the symbolism behind this 37.

3 is the number of divine order and perfection.

7 is the number of completion and spiritual perfection.

10 is the number of authority, completeness of order, and responsibility!

Dare I believe that the culmination of my life’s journey has led me to this moment. ……. ABSOLUTELY

I Declare today that I am walking in my God-given authority. I recognize that God has ordered my life and my steps, and I fully take responsibility for executing the call and mandate that He has placed on my life. No moments will be wasted. Every day is full of HIS purpose for me. Therefore, I choose to walk in obedience to His instruction daily so that I will make the impact on the earth that He has intended to be manifest through me!

Happy AND BLESSED birthday to me @KenitraMozelle!

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Amen sis. Love this. This is really encouraging and I received a lot of confirmation from your post! Keep moving forward 💪🏾


Jun 07, 2022

New beginnings are great! Trust your process!


Jun 07, 2022

Happy Birthday!

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