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This place…..

Yall. My life has been an amazing whirlwind!! Whirlwind and amazing. Yes i said those two things together. Oxymoron. Probably. 

Like to hear it, Here it go!

I have missed this place. I have missed the honesty. I have missed the unfolding of self exploration.

I have changed so much that i have been torn about what to say. What to not say. To blog or to not blog. Year one was a steady commitment. Literally starting on Valentines Weekend last year. Almost a year to the date. 

I’m at a place to pivot. I am different. Where i serve is different . Who i serve is different. 

In the midst of all these changes, I’m clear that this place is still dear to me. Truly dear to my heart. At the very least i have to blog once a month. 1. Because i need to sit and unpack life and how I’m processing and 2. because we do it together. 

Kenitra the human lives here. I don’t want this place to be swallowed up by GFT, BIA,BOG or any other thing I’m called to build. Nothing would be birthed lest the human in me is well. 

So the saga continues. Right here. In this blog. In this space. In these words. Every month the human in me will learn more about herself. I am committed to sharing. Stealing away to space with me l, myself and I to unpack the takeaways in the human journey that  I’m on. 

I love y’all super big. And i mean it. SUPER BIG. This started with y’all. And we taking this next leg together. 

I’ll be back for Valentines Day 2023. 


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1 Comment

Jan 24, 2023

Nothing would be birthed lest the human in me is well... THIS!!!

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