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Graced for This!

Updated: May 2, 2022

Hey, there SoJourners!!! Like Sojourner Truth. :-P We who are walking out our journeys side by side. How are you doing over there?? LOL.

I’m taking deep breaths over here in my world. YEP Deep breaths. They are gentle deep breaths, not like Lamaze breathing! WHY do you ask??

A BIG first is coming!!

Mine and Hubby's Wedding Anniversary date is coming………….

That’s super big. I have no idea how I'm going to be. I know that social media will flood me with memories. At this point, I love every single memory. I have so many amazing experiences to reflect on. They truly bring me joy BUT I just want to be prepared for whatever wave of emotions will come.

It will never be the same again!

I can’t go into the month of May 2022 without acknowledging the FACT that it will never be the same again! I will never be the same again. So many lives will never be the same again. May 14th was a milestone day for more than just He and I.

May 14, 2016, was a day of celebration for our entire TRIBE. There was a great host of family, friends, and community excited for our journey as Husband and Wife. This day is one that I won't grieve alone, cry alone, smile alone and reflect alone.

This is a journey for my tribe. Shout out to my tribe. And shout out to you and yours and how you're moving through your journey.


We’re preparing for the push in May. BIG PUSH.

I am genuinely excited about May. I want to encourage and share the love while I know that much love will be coming my way. I believe that there will be such an overflow of love that I’ll have a TON to share with you.

While this will likely be my next BIGGEST challenge, I know that I’m graced for this! I know that God STILL has a big purpose and plan for my life. He has something BIG for you as well.

Whatever your journey is, know that you are GRACED FOR THIS!!!

For the month of MAY... It’s BIG Love 🧡 all day EVERY DAY. @KenitraMozelle is flooding your timelines. Emails, FB, IG all of it. It’s going to be phenomenal. If you’re not already...

Follow me on your favorite SM platform and definitely subscribe to the page!

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What a great way to set your self up for success in this new month.

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