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I Had No Words

I know I probably seem CRAZY to title a BLOG “ I Have No Words” and it be followed by words.

Two Fridays ago our family took a hard hit. I was not ready. And I literally had no words. Right now my mind is moving faster than my hands can.

When life hits…

Sometimes its just a literal whirlwind.

Sometime life happens around us and we have to catch up to reality.

Staying in the whirlwind or pseudo reality would be easier than the work it takes to jump back into life with its newly introduced nuances..

One of newest family members, sweet, small and juicy went back to heaven after being with us for 5months. I said whirlwind. Baby Girl BK (Brooklyn Sade) was here and now she’s not.

I had no words. What do we say. What do we do. I only had room to be hurt. To cry. To weep.

Throughout the week me and my sis took plenty of moments texting and focusing and deep breathing. If we're still here, we have to keep breathing 😮‍💨😮‍💨. It takes more focus to breath than we realize. ( Think about it)

Last week I had to take ALL of my own advice. Joy Rides, Deep Breaths, Music, DelighThings, Community and of course Journaling.

I didn't have words, BUT God had words for me.

Achieve Journal

Excerpt 8/15/22

I know your heart hurts and I’m the mender of broken hearts. I heal all your wounds, all your disease. Dis-ease of the heart, brokenness, grief, depression. I yet hold you in the palm of my hand. I have not forsaken you, I can,t forget you. You are my beloved and i find pleasure in caring for and spending time with you.

Move the BIA open house date but keep the same planning energy. The event requires a lot of work. You’re laying a foundation and you can't do it overnight. It's ok to move the date and good job stopping to hear me.

When life happens and breaks your heart, it's ok to move an event, change a date, make a shift. You need to be whole, have time to recover. That's ok. You already give so much, so guard your heart with all diligence from it flows the wellspring of life. Don't let it get contaminated. “ Feel don't Dwell”. Make the time for the release. It will lighten you and let my love for you flow. It makes room for me within. When you’re full of everything; questions, emotions, grief , fear , hurt, doubt, there is less room for me. Yes it's hard and every bit of what you feel is real. But make room for me! Make room for me to heal, for me to hold.”

----------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Like I said, I had no words. But God did. I'm glad I spent that QT with Him. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it through last week.

Get yours in too.

I love yall BIG🧡🌺💜🌺🧡

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LaNeesha Lewis
LaNeesha Lewis
Sep 04, 2022

This has blessed me! I needed this today and I’m so thankful for God’s words!!!

Coach K
Coach K
Oct 14, 2022
Replying to

So glad it was where it needed to be when you needed it!


I pray that God continues to comfort in those moments that it seems like time is standing still for the family. My sister lost her baby when he was 2 months, from SIDS, she still celebrate his birthday. I can’t imagine, but God knows and will get the glory out of even this. I had one of those moments…in my journal, I asked God “what is this” He said, “that’s pain, it’s ok, you can feel that, feel the emotion but push it out, don’t linger there” we are growing through grief moments sis, for a vision much bigger then us🙌🏾

Coach K
Coach K
Aug 31, 2022
Replying to

Thank you sis. I’m going to make sure Brooklyns mommy sees your comment!! And thanks for joining the journey! 🧡🌺

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