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I Don’t Need Help

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I’m being an antagonist today. What are lies we tell ourselves and others often?

I dont need help!

No I’m good.

I’m straight.

The reality is that we are lying to ourselves. Our family and friends already know we need assistance. They may not know how big or small the help needs to be, but IT’S CLEAR that you need the help of some sort!

Can you actually help someone who’s in willing to receive assistance?

Can you actually help someone who will receive assistance? Have you ever tried to help a baby learn to be independent? If you want to see a tantrum, help a human that doesn’t wish to help. Tiny human or big human. You will see some sort of tantrum!! Just watch. LOL. I can see my nephew in my head.

Welp! Guess who I just described…. ME! Honey bye. But it’s you too! So just go ahead and own it. We do this to ourselves.

Ideas of grandeur

Ideas of grandeur…… committing to the idea that you dont need anything or any help. You’re human, boo. It’s perfectly ok to need help and ask for it.

So, I told you this WAS ME. And still is a smidge. remember that event I referenced in the previous blog….. I had a big win that event weekend in March.

After those deep breaths and therapy, I realized that I had a hard time and needed help. I had the potential to be NO GOOD. Incapacitated for the event. Even though I may not be 100% of many days my work( not a job) but my work is essential. So if I can’t make it happen, I can ask for help.

Shout out to Boss Mom Mastermind and my sis @Robyn for being my accountability that Thursday night. My only homework was to ASK FOR HELP!


I sat in my car, prepped the text in notes, re-read it several times…… and sent it to three people. That’s so not like me. And they knew it. 2 out of 3 were able to come through. DEEEEP BREATH.

I love my people! They came through, boots on the ground, made sure I was good and helped execute the ONE THING I knew I couldn’t handle solo. @Joselyn and @Jamie!🧡🧡

All I had to do was ask for help.

True be told, that ASK opened a bigger and better door that came later that day.

Its ok to ask for help.

Whether you say or type it … ASK FOR HELP!

Love you BIG 🧡

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2 commentaires

11 avr. 2022

This is so tough for me! I'm growing. Baby steps....

Coach K
Coach K
20 avr. 2022
En réponse à

It’s like a labor of love for yourself. It’s hurts harder and longer when we drag it out. I’m learning that a lot of our journeys are bigger us!!! Big 🧡

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