Tis’ The Season- Top 3 Reasons

This really is the most wonderful time of year! It’s not because of traditional reasons alone but I’ll give you my top three.

I’m hyped y’all. Like to hear it, here it go! 

Number 3

College football season at its best. My sophomore year in high school was my brothers freshman year at UGA!! Henceforth the BULLDOG nation in the Johnson household was born. The petty, the shade, the competition and alll around cameraderie between schools , fans and households is unmatched. I look forward to it every year. It didn’t give it as much attention this year. Yep. Some Saturdays football would have been out of allegiance. So i had to choose myself, my rest and my quiet. But trust it’s still #LETSGODAWGS over here! ❤️🖤🟥🔴🐶 2021 National Champs. 

Number 2

It’s Jerold Chubaca season. Nov 10-12 is the Annual Chewy festival. If you don’t know why.. send me a message. I get to celebrate his life, love and  legacy around dates that he loved celebrating when he was here. Proud veteran, Proud Marine, Birthday and  Burial days all wrapped in these three days. Y’all know THAT was a God thing. But what better addition to the season than remembering this amazing man during times he shined the greatest. 

Number 1

This time of the year people are the most generous and appreciative. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when we go above and beyond! The best parts of everyone shine beautifully during this time of year. I’m not talking about the tax write offs. I’m talking about HEARTS bursting at the seems to genuinely be a blessing to someone else. Hearts remembering and being thankful for what their portion has been in life. Community service at its best. Food, toys, toiletries, smiles, hugs, reunions. CARE is at an all time HIGH!! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We, as humans,  embody the golden rule during this time of year. 

Before I get excited and go on a tangent. Be intentional in your CARE for others this season. And after the season ends….. start over. And over. And over. Until CARING becomes your lifestyle!! 

I love y’all Soooooo MUCH aka I Love You BIG. 

Never stop caring!! Even in moments when it’s super hard, remember you’re #GRACEDforThis 

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