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What in the why??

Journey Squad aka My SoJouners.....

Needless to say the past couples of days have been scary and exhausting.

Like to hear it, here it go!

Wednesday my mom was apart of a double car to pedestrians accident. ARTICLE

Imagine being instructed to spend the day focusing on you. Praying and seeing yourself. Writing. Being Honest. Sharing in a safe space.

I even laid on the sofa and caught up on a series i wanted to watch.

I even went into town, learned a new spot and went to the movies with one of my sisters.

All of the day was focused on Kenitra… because the rest of week or weeks was going to be about Ardena.

Having as many missed calls as i did and none being from my mom…. ALARMING, an understatement!!

I sat in the movie lobby almost breathless! Gathered my thoughts and started praying in the Holy Spirit. After a few moments i was able to get up and head to my car!

Talk about managing emotions. Which ones do we allow to rise to the top! Cry, deep breaths. It’s perfectly okay to experience all of them, simultaneously.

After literally talking about this on the GFT 3 Points!

Welp, i suppose this is how God will be using me. No beef with it.

I’m glad i took the day for me so i can be fully present and on duty for mommy.

Minor injuries, yet acknowledging the impact.

Wearing my healing hat and Anointing my hands!

LESSON- Make you a priority when He tells you, He might be preparing you for a heavy pour!

Love you Big🧡🧡

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