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Are You Busy or Are You Hiding?

My SoJourners...... It been WAY to long! But I'm making room and checking in! The check in on me produces the content for this blog. Or maybe a remix....

Like to hear It, here it go!

My therapist got me together yesterday.👀 I really appreciate it too. Caring for me, asking the hard questions about me, being honest with the hard things... Not easy. I got some good homework and I started this am asking the Lord a WHY question.

You know I write a TON now. Actual lifeline, however me writing for me and inquiring about me is still.......

Journal Time


Gods Answer: It identifies where you aren't winning and you don't like it. You run off of " I did good" energy! Its not healthy because you avoid areas where you need work or support. Not even on purpose, naturally its your response. You dont have to beat yourself up about it. You are working to unlearn it or build systems around yourself to directly face it. Self care for you is a challenge right now but you'll get better. Yes it will be something for GFT but dont start with that now. You need to master this storm for right now!

I encourage you all as you're healing and building...

  • Ask the right questions

  • Ask the hard questions

  • Sit with the response

  • Lean into the work

In the most non egocentric way..... Me over everybody. The good bad and ugly. Me over everybody!

Love you BIG🌺🧡

RANDOM- I just looked down at the soaking music playing..... The title is The First Love. What a

beautiful reminder that God says to love my neighbor as I love myself. Thanks Lord for the pat on the back! I feel it.

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1 Comment

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon
Apr 27, 2023

A beautiful yet hard truth you have shared. The "I did good" can be a numbing agent to the feelings associated to the "needs work" . I love this! Thanks for sharing!

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