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What’s REALLY new. 

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t of left you,left you.🤣🤣 its exactly 6:45am and I’m breaking from am office hours to come sit with y’all. 

Like to hear it, Here it go! 

I can’t believe I’m writing this blog on August 8. 8-8. Most of us know that the number eight represents new beginnings. I have been thinking about revisiting my blog and out of the blue on Sunday. I get speaker said  “do you write a blog I see you writing. Is that something you do. I hear that you should revisit or think about if you don’t already.” 👀👀 If that’s not confirmation, I don’t know what it is. So hey y’all hey. 

There are so many updates that I can give you, but I’ll stick with three for this update! 


My wedding rings have been off since July 3. I took them off because my finger was irritated and itchy, and I never went back to them. I didn’t miss them until several hours later, and when I did, I was not jolted or startled like I had been in the past.  That moment was huge for me because my saw myself healing and making room for next, while fondly remembering the beauty of what I had. Dare I say, it’s time for new beginnings. Another journey to anticipate is when the widow becomes the bride. There’s a next and it will arrive one day at a time! 


My therapists are 🔥🔥🔥. Y’all should be jealous! Don’t be jealous it’s not healthy. But in all seriousness, having therapy on a routine basis has been a beautiful gift to my humanity. Therapy is helping me continue in honesty with myself and apply pressure in the areas where I have to pursue growth and healing. Yes, we have dealt with grief, but bigger than grieving, there is the need to care for me. I am learning myself, the old me, the new me, and preparing for the me that I desire to be. This takes intention and community to evolve into the next best version of yourself. My therapist are a big part of my community. My wellness work is working! HALLELUJAH.


Lastly, i used to be a workaholic.  I have lots of reasons why I prefer to work, but we won’t explore those in this blog. My work this year has been the Graced for This community for women like me. Women of faith learning to take ownership of their wellness journey, personally, relationally, and professionally. The community has grown tremendously! We are authentically, having honest and courageous conversations in a safe environment. I am very passionate about creating safe spaces. My diligence in saying yes throughout this year has opened doors that I did not anticipate were mine to walk through. Graced For This is launching Graced  for Business, 12 week coaching program for women who are building communities and BOSS brands. I am helping people build what God built through me over the last year. How phenomenal is that?

These three categories of updates best summarize where Kenitra Mozelle is! I must say that I am proud of myself. I have done a lot of work! To receive the responsibility of guiding other women of faith along the journey that I have been through is an honor, and also very humbling. It feels like a big pat on the back indicating "You did good. You understood the assignment. "

I am a different kind of BOSS now and I’m helping other women become the boss that God has called them to be. Now they'll build what helped them heal! 

That’s all for now! Reply to this email to learn more about GFT or GFB!

I love y’all big 🌺


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