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5 Stages of Grief

What’s up family!!

Yesterday was a super dope day. I love when things don’t go as planned….. it’s goes even better!

To be honest I just started to get into my grief journey. I have been posting and sharing since the week J passed but it was just me barely staying above the water.

I wasn’t in denial about J being gone… i was CLEAR on that.

I was in denial and avoidance not wanting to face who I was going to have to become.

I was going to have to take ownership of being 100% me.

This was necessary to even begin healing.

I have never done this much work in my life! But I appreciate this time of reformation! I am becoming who God predestined me to be and honestly it’s looking pretty DOOOOPE!!

One of the big sisters shared something extra special for the subscribers! A simple note from Latonya Wallace.. GRIEF!

Now about these stages. There are 5 but some consider 7 stages.

I’m between depression and acceptance. I’m leaning into acceptance but that also makes me very sad more often. To be expected!

Can you identify what stage(s) you’re in?

Keep in mind a grief journey is not exclusive to the death of a person. It could be the death of a relationship, ideas, plans, a business. It’s still GRIEF!

Now …. again about these stages! Lol.

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