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Nice To Meet You

Hey everyone. Let me do an introduction for all my new friends joining the journey.

We’re both meeting me.

I’m Kenitra and we’re both meeting me. As a recent widow I am learning the me that was always there while learning who i am post the most challenging transition I have ever had to work through.

I have a heart for people and love efficiency! 👀👀Yep efficiency. It led me into two different but similar careers. Nursing and Event Planning @eventsbonafide. As I have learned myself, I see that my love for people compels me to take care of others who can’t best advocate for themselves in their health challenges . As an event planner, I love creating spaces and atmospheres where individuals can learn, be empowered, and be liberated to be who they’re destined to be.

I am doing exactly this all MAY long.

Creating a space for those any type of grief journey to live , learn and love themselves as we become the next best versions of ourself!

Nice to meet you and i would love to have you join the crew as we move forward!!

We got this!!

Even though you’re just meeting me….

I Love you BIG🧡🌺🧡

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