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Safe Places & Safe Faces

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

I believe I have a unique scenario. I have multiple circles of best friends. Legit actual BEST FRIENDS. Brothers and Sisters that I can call ANYTIME, and they are ready. Now you could be a unicorn like me, but most people are not.

When J passed, I had so many safe places to just fall apart. However, I chose to keep it "Held Together." Choosing vulnerability still requires a commitment. Having a safe face or space does not mean you will choose to be the broken version of yourself by default.

It has taken me some tiiiiiiime to choose vulnerability. But, as I am slowly but surely learning to choose vulnerability, the revelation of Kenitra Mozelle keeps unfolding.

I am on SM all the time. LITERALLY. All the time, So much that my bestie BLOCKED ME ON HER IG. #weak Did y'all see FB Live and the IG Stories. Go check for that in my highlights... Anywho.

Selective Vulnerability

Selective vulnerability. That's what I was doing. I was publicly addressing my journey but in a place or to an audience that didn't know me personally. The audience doesn't know what my day-to-day looks like. There is no accountability, in the truest sense of accountability, with people who don't know you, how you function, or the way you make excuses to avoid certain things.

What I didn't want to do was face the part of me that is flawed, broken, haughty, prideful, RUDE, unpolished, and undisciplined.

So yeah. Selective vulnerability. What? WHO? ME?? Don't check me. I'M GOOD OVER HERE!!!

Don’t check me. I'M GOOD OVER HERE!!!

Ya girl, 👏🏾HEAR👏🏾 ME, ya girl KenitraMozelle was a WHOLE entire MESS. Full out tantrums and ALL. But my safe places and faces stayed on standby. They continued to hunker down with me. They took some SHOTS, especially C. Dare. I say she has a little PTSD that we're working through.

FACTS: Servicemen and women are not the only part of the population that experience "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." And quit making it sound like a plague. Recovering from a traumatic experience is real life for every HUMAN. PeriodT.

But, can you imagine living in the house with this version of me…… boisterous and clueless at the same time. Publicly hiding in plain sight. You know I talk a lot, right?!?LMBO

Round of applause for CYJ. #TheRealest

Safe places are great but they serve you best the moment you choose the journey of vulnerability.

Now to bring it to a close. Safe places are great, but they serve you best the moment you choose the journey of vulnerability. These moments have led me to reject my allegiance to maintaining a fixed face and choose commitment to genuinely caring for myself. All of me!!

How are you doing?

Are you genuinely choosing to be vulnerable in ways

that will help you discover and heal?

Leave me a BIG love letter and lemme know how you're doing in your journey!!

I Love You BIG🧡

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